What we do?

“Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, User Experience, Web Technology, Creative Direction, Digital Design & Production, Usability, Social Media”

We offer unique branding and online solutions. Our three-point approach ensures that we conduct thorough analysis for all projects; explore all possibilities in delivering the desired results; and finally present the solution through a medium or a manner that is clear for the intended audience. We are yet to find one solution deployable to more than one problem. There are no band-aid solutions and the end-results are determined by the set objectives. Our outputs will always be a result of well-constructed strategies conveyed through good design. This is through our approach, which consists of three successive phases:  AssembleIgniteBurn.

— we burn shit up!

How we do it?


This is the research phase. The assemble phase consists of two sub-sections. The first, being a thorough analysis of the brief provided.  Understanding the desired results and the reasons for such results is crucial if our task is to develop the necessary catalyst.

The second section is conducting research, which is done at any cost necessary. Fact-finding is crucial for thorough analysis in order to exhume key insights about the brand or project at hand. The assemble phase ensures that we explore every aspect of the brand, internal or external.


This is phase where it all starts forming into shape. Fuelled by an arsenal of facts and insights from the Assemble phase, we start developing a concept from which the designs will be based.

This is the phases when we develop insight-driven brands and construct maintainance plan to ensure that the brand performs as intended. It is through a well-constructed strategy and good design that we will be able to deliver on the set mandates. We will identify the intended “who”; we will always hit them at the right “when” and dazzle them with the “how”.


This is the final phase in which we showcase the outcome of the project. It is also during this phase that we will conduct any tests to ensure that we have answered the brief.

The proper assessment of the brief followed by a thorough exploration of the brand and its related elements will provide us the necessary fuel to ignite functional product. The project is only considered a success when measured against the client’s set objectives and is completed within the provided timeline.